Apple Glasses and AR Headset

Speculation about Apple Glasses serving as an AR Headset device have been fueled by the public disclosure of related patents and the hiring of employees with experience in the design of eyewear and the tech required for such a device. Below are some recent stories offering insights into the possible future of Apple Glasses.

  • 9to5Mac, “Kuo: Apple’s AR headset to launch in 2022 with Mac-level computing power, will operate without the iPhone,” José Adorno, 25 Nov 2021. Excerpt: “In a note to investors seen by 9to5Mac, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo details a bit more of the company’s long-rumored AR headset project, which is said to launch in 2022. According to Kuo, Apple’s AR headset will have a processor “with the same computing power level as the Mac” and its chip design will be the most significant difference between the Apple AR headset and its competitors.” [More]
  • 9to5Mac, “Apple looking to hire 3D UI engineer, likely for rumored augmented reality glasses,” Chance Miller, 30 May 2018. Excerpt: “Apple is continuing its hiring efforts related to augmented reality and virtual reality, according to a job posting discovered by 9to5Mac. The company today has posted a new job listing for a 3D UI Frameworks Engineer, and signs point to the position being related to Apple’s ongoing work on an augmented reality headset.” [More]
  • CNBC, “Apple’s computerized glasses will be as powerful as a Mac and launch next year, top analyst says,” Steve Kovach, 26 Nov 2021. Excerpt: “Apple’s computerized glasses will be as powerful as its Mac computers and launch at the end of 2022, top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Asset Management said in a note to investors Friday.” [More]
  • CNET ,”Apple VR, AR headset rumors: Release date, price, Wi-Fi 6 support and more,” Scott Stein, 7 Nov 2021. Excerpt: “These reports have been going around for several years, including a story broken by CNET’s Shara Tibken in 2018. But the question is: When will this happen, exactly? 2022 or even later? Apple’s been building more advanced AR tools into its iPhones and iPads, setting the stage for something more. But we still don’t know what that thing (or things) is. What’s increasingly clear is that the rest of the AR/VR landscape is facing a slower-than-expected road to AR glasses, too.” [More]
  • TechRadar, “Apple Glasses price, news, leaks and whether they’ll replace your iPhone,” Gerald Lynch, James Peckham, 26 Nov 2021. Excerpt: “We’ve been hearing about the Apple Glasses since recorded history began – or that’s how it seems, at least, with patents dating back to 2015 detailing software and hardware that could lead to consumer-facing smart glasses. Since 2019, the Apple Glass rumors and leaks have crept up in frequency, and it feels like every few months we get another big report detailing a possible release date and features. But so far, our faces remain devoid of Apple-branded smart specs. Currently, the Apple Glasses are looking like they’ll release in 2022 – but this is just the most recent of a long string of posited windows, so it’s hard to really know the truth.” [More]