Apple Watch 8 Release Date and Price

On 24 Oct 2021, shortly after the release of the Apple Watch 7, Matt Talks Tech released the following Apple Watch 8 rumors video. Matt didn’t waste any time getting this video posted. For Apple rumor enthusiasts, once a new product is released, it’s time to begin speculating about the next version of the product.

Rumor Sources

Here are some observations and points from the video:

  • MANUFACTURERS — Sometimes rumors are based on leaks from the manufacturing supply chain.
  • INDUSTRY TRENDS — When Samsung began releasing large screen smartphones, and consumers showed an interest in larger smartphones, there was speculation that Apple might release a larger phone. Consumers committed to the Apple ecosystem were eagerly awaiting an opportunity to have a larger iPhone.
  • PATENTS — Patents serve as another source of rumor news tips.
  • PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS — Rumors and speculation often follow announcements of new products. When Apple announced the AirPower charging pad, consumers and industry pundits began making guesses about pricing and release dates for the product.
  • PRODUCT MODELS — Blank product models are typically released to those who manufacture cases and other accessories. These sample products usually convey some of the design features, such as camera bump size and location for phones.
  • PRODUCT TRAJECTORY — Those without access to insider information can speculate about future product specifications, release dates, and pricing based on past trends.

Rumor Elements

  • 3D RENDERINGS — All of the above factors contribute to the design predictions that materialize as 3D models. As seen in this video, 3D renderings as stills and videos are very popular and in-demand for those involved in covering rumor news.
  • ENTICING TITLES — When videos and articles are posted that predict upcoming products, a common click-bait tactic is to use a title of “[product name] Release Date and Price.” These words coincide with common searches. The rumor speculator is waiting and hoping for the moment when searches for those topics are trending. There’s certainly a ‘dog pile’ of rumors and depending on search engine algorithms, recent content may get favored.

Negative Responses

When article or video titles promise information about product pricing and release dates, and then don’t deliver on those promises, some people will be frustrated. Regardless, there will still be people who click on links knowing from experience that the promised information will not be provided. Those who follow rumor news, do so for the rush of feeling like they might discover some bit of additional news. It’s similar to reading sources like Popular Science, speculating about when hovercrafts will replace cars. It’s a hobby and form of entertainment for most people.

Any truly informed and viable rumors are based on early information that could change, such as speculation about the AirPower charging pad.