Apple Polishing Cloth Mini, Pro, and Max Versions

Coming Soon…

Our rumor prediction experts are anticipating a future rumor regarding the Apple Polishing Cloth to be made available in Mini, Pro, and Pro Max versions.

  • MINI — The Mini version will provide a more portable and compact version of the popular cleaning cloth.
  • PRO — The Pro version will meet the demanding microfiber needs of professionals.
  • PRO MAX — The Pro Max version is expected to be a much larger cloth for the larger Apple products and displays.

Exceptional Resale Value

The standard version of the cloth has a retail price of $19, but the item is so popular that there is now a 10-12 week (three month) delay. To get an Apple Polishing Cloth sooner, you would need to pay $50 to $65 on eBay. [View] This demand suggests that consumers will pay substantially for the Apple branded piece of fabric.

Wide Compatibility

The current Apple Polishing Cloth is described on Apple’s website as being compatible with a long list of Apple products including all iPhones from the iPhone SE (1st Gen) and iPhone 6 to the present models. If you own an older iPhone you will need to check with Apple about compatibility. Most Apple computers since 2014 are compatible with the Apple Polishing Cloth. View the Apple compatibility list for details. [View]

Recommended Products

At the bottom of the product page for the Apple Polishing Cloth, some recommended products are listed. Among the recommended products are the $699 wheels that can be added to an Apple Pro computer case, and also the $999 Apple video display stand. The list seems to suggest that someone purchasing a deluxe microfiber cloth may also want some of the other more premium products from Apple

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Apple Polishing Cloth Video Review by iJustine

On 27 Oct 2021, the popular YouTube content creator and influencer iJustine posted a video review of the Apple Polishing Cloth. As of 31 Oct 2021, the review has had over 280,000 views.

Apple Polishing Cloth Unboxing Video by Unbox Therapy

Due to the high demand and popularity of the Apple Polishing Cloth, it is being considered by some to be, at present, one of the most exclusive Apple products. Below is the unboxing offered by Lew Later.