MagSafe and Tech Rumors as “Wish Fulfillment Projections”

In the CNET video below from 22 Jan 2021, Dan Ackerman describes tech rumors as often being “wish fulfillment projections.”

That’s a great observation. Often tech influencers float rumors in an effort to get a feature suggestion adopted. In the video Dan is talking about the rumor that MagSafe power connectors may return to the MacBook computers.

That rumor turned out to materialize later in the year when Apple announced their new MacBook Pro computers would feature a return of the MagSafe power connection. Dan’s suggestion that Apple provide MagSafe for fast charging and USB C for slower charging became a reality.

Take a look at the video below.

Note that this post is dated as 22 Jan 2021 to chronologically coincide with the original posting of the CNET video.